The last picture frame you'll ever have to buy.

Easily slip any iPad right into iSotto Frame—a simple yet seismic patent pending innovation that removes the need for clunky digital frames. Instead of the step-by-step hassle of typical digital frames—with their extra hardware, manual adjustments and poor picture quality—you can broadcast your memories directly off your iPad screen, right from the internal storage or iCloud. This allows for instant updating of the stream of photos playing in your living room, office, or bedroom through the web.
The iSotto Frame is sleek, modern and gorgeously minimalistic—the product of a great design team thinking through every detail: clean edges and curves, smooth satin finish, and a magnetic back cover. It’s a home decoration that fits seamlessly into any aesthetic style, which makes it a great gift for yourself or someone you love. And since the display is the iPad screen itself, you won’t have pixelated, low-quality photos, as with other frames. Instead, your images will have the sharp, vivid colors and great contrast that was intended.
  • Any generation of iPad fits in the iSotto Frame—from the iPad One to the iPad Air 2.
  • The iSotto Frame serves as a traditional, 5” x 7” picture frame while your iPad is in use.
  • The kickstand allows for tabletop display (horizontal or vertical) while the built-in wall mount gives you the option of hanging it up.
  • The magnetic back cover allows effortless swapping between your printed 5" x 7" photos.
  • Keep the unsightly cable out-of-view by placing it through the opening in the kickstand.